The Candies at Longeveau

The Candies were asked if we would like to perform at a charity event being organised at the fabulous Manoir de Longeveau in aid of Cancer Support France.  Colleen has been treated for cancer in France and knows personally what an amazing charity this is… so of course we totally wanted to be part of the fundraising team!

Longeveau is a huge venue; it is a holiday destination, a very popular golf course and it’s very popular for weddings in France too; it was also the chosen venue for tonight’s fund-raiser.

The event organisers did an incredible job and the event was quickly sold out… a team of people prepared the hall whilst another team prepared a mountain of food and drinks… and The Candies quietly prepared in the background whilst the team worked so hard!

The end result was an amazing evening with €1000’s raised for this incredible charity.

We’d like to thank Claudia and her team for making us feel so special!  And a huge thank you also to Neil Cooling Photography for these images.  And another shout out to a friend for creating this little video on their phone for us!  Did we mention we LOVE our job!

This email arrived in our mail box yesterday… gosh what an amazing evening!  Thank you CSF for all you do!

Just a note to thank you all so much for your help in organising, participating or giving for our annual charity event for Cancer Support France.  The money we raise will definitely be going to a very good cause and once we have the final figures I will let everyone know but I know it is a significant amount.

Thanks you Julie for your support, kindness and your generosity, it is greatly appreciated.  Mark and Dawn – a huge thank you for cooking the curry with support from Sue and Steve especially under very trying circumstances.  The Candies – what can I say except a huge THANK YOU for providing a wonderful entertaining evening that everyone enjoyed (including me).  Tricia and Angie – thank you for helping to organise this event and ensuring that the afternoon/evening went smoothly, couldn’t have done it without you!

Well done everyone – a huge success

And a few other kind words from Candy Fans

Awesome entertainment from the Candies. Huge thank you to them and the organisers

It was a great night, great entertainment again from the Candies, great food  and great to catch up with friends!

Curry & Candies against Cancer fundraiser took place last night at Manoir de Longeveau, in SW France. Well done to everyone involved it was a great night

The Candies excelled themselves. a great night. Thank you xxxx

Great night lovely ladies. You did good, as did everyone organising and cooking. Enjoyed the curry !

Great night. Haven’t danced so much in ages. Lovely curry too. Well done everyone.

Super night at Longeveau last night. Well done ladies.

Great night as normal for you 3. Well Done!