It’s no secret that The Candies LOVE a good wedding.  Today’s couple booked us from their home in Hong Kong and we made all of the arrangements via email.  I was surprised when the groom joked… ‘thank you for turning up’ when we first met but it made me think what a HUGE leap of faith our clients take when they book us from overseas!  So first and foremost THANK YOU to Simon and Rachel and all the fabulous folks who book us from afar.

Today’s venue was the very lovely Domaine de Fayolle in the Dordogne.  This is a little gem of a Chateau and is lovingly managed by the owners Janet and Gerry.  It’s beautiful and romantic and the perfect place for a wedding.  This 17th Century chateau has it’s own private chapel, lovely grounds and a beautiful open barn beside the pool where guest can enjoy their fabulous wedding dinner.

For us the best part though is that we can park our car almost beside the stage and can install and set up without any interruption to the main event and with none of the wedding  guest knowing we’re there…. OOOH this is the perfect arrangement!

Many thanks to Chateau de Fayolle and Neil Cooling Photography for the above photos

Today’s wedding was smaller and more intimate but goodness everyone danced and sang all night.  What a great evening… fireworks, champagne, amazing venue and a deliciously cool September evening.

I’m sure I’ve said it before but WOW we do love our job!

p.s. it was also great to find a little email this morning… Sorry that I didn’t get to see/hear more of you last night but I thought that you would like to know that everyone ( including Gerry and I) loved you.