We first met Aurelie and Olivier in February to discuss their wedding plans.  As is often the case with French weddings, today’s couple held their legal wedding ceremony at the local Mairie.  Following this, they arrived in style with their huge entourage of family and friends for a ceremony in the gardens of the ancient church at St Privet de Pres.

The Candy Stripes were to provide the music during the vin d’honneur and we arrived early and installed under the shade of some trees and waited for the wedding party to arrive.

We had been given a schedule of the day; the couple had asked us to play their favourite tunes over the PA during the arrival of the bridesmaids, the arrival of the groom and groomsmen and of course the arrival of the bride. I have no idea why, but I felt quite nervous standing there waiting to press the button!  We take our role in the wedding day seriously, we know that we’re part of the thread that will bind together the memories of this special day and we want our part to be just perfect.

After the Ceremony; Champagne and Music

We stood in the shade and watched this beautiful ceremony unfold.  Friends and family came and spoke of their love for the bride and groom. Friends hugged, parents teared up and we felt very privileged to just be there.  At the end the bride cheered APEROES and that was our cue to start… two hours of fabulously vintage, toe tapping, champagne popping music.

This beautiful day was captured by Neil Cooling at Neil Cooling Photography – who very kindly allows us to use some of his very beautiful photographs in our blog!