France remains one of the most popular destinations for Weddings.  2019 trends also suggest The Candies will be the perfect choice for next years couples!

As the 2018 wedding season comes to an end The Candies start planning for 2019. We spend a great deal of time reviewing our song list… what worked fabulously? what do we want to refresh? what’s new? After making our song choices we switch to costumes and maybe some new equipment; our music is the biggest and best part of our performance but costumes and gear all adds to the finesse of our show!  Before making our choices we take advice, talk to other wedding professionals, check out the latest films and rising music stars and we scour the internet for upcoming trends… and what we’ve learned for 2019 is :

Saxophones and Trios

We’re really excited about this trend because we had already hatched this plan! We’re a trio and we perform with professional tracks and this is perfect for many parties; going out as a trio means that our fabulous music represents great value for money! In 2019 we’re scaling up for those with the extra space and a bigger budget. For our Fabulously Vintage set we’re planning to offer the option of performing alongside another wonderful trio of musicians (more on this later!) and for our Disco Diva party we’re teaming up with a saxophonist and a percussionist. Watch this space for a more formal announcements but oooh! this is going to be sooo exciting!!

Destination Weddings

We live in France and fortunately (as wedding singers) France remains one of the most popular wedding destinations. Couples are choosing France because of the amazing choice of venues and because of her fabulous food and iconic wines. And, we do enjoy rather wonderful weather and France is also a great meeting point for guests who travel from across the globe. Destination weddings remain popular, but how those weddings are shaping up is changing.

Pre-Wedding Welcome Dinners and After Wedding Parties

Millennials are boxing clever. If their family and friends are going to be travelling overseas for their wedding they want to ensure that they make the most of their time together. A very popular addition is a Welcome Dinner and we’ve performed at a few of these already this year. Another great idea is a low-key BBQ Party the day after the wedding. And every millennial wedding would not be complete without including a brunch-like meal. A Post-Wedding Brunch is the  perfect chance for the newly-weds to say goodbye and farewell as they head off on their honeymoon. All of this is great news for The Candies because both our Fabulously Vintage and Disco Diva music will work brilliantly for any of these events!

The Great Outdoors

This trend is bringing the outdoors in or, in France, just taking the party outside. Casual rustic boho-chic weddings are always popular and 2019 sees that trend continuing. Vintage themes are perfect for an outdoor wedding and our Fabulously Vintage music goes with champagne just as strawberries go with cream!

Destination Hen Parties

Destination hen parties are not new; but they’re getting a little classier and France is the perfect destination choice. This is great news for The Candies because our Disco Diva party is the absolute perfect choice for wedding hens!

Bring on the Buffet

Another trend growing in popularity is a move away from a formal sit down dinner to something a little more laid back; 2019 brings a retro-romantic feel, mixed with a modern spin. The traditional buffet is being brought up to date with street-food trucks to feed hungry guests. “One of the biggest things right now is people incorporating fun foods in every aspect of the wedding” said Christina Friedrichsen, Owner of

Online Planning Tools

If you’re looking for more great wedding ideas and planning tools and want to know what’s hot in 2019 why not make use of the amazing resources available online?  WeddingWire is the one such site; you’ll find oodles of great information to help you plan your perfect day!