Frequently Asked Questions

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We sing at a range of different venues. If we’re performing at a wedding, birthday party, campsite or a village hall event we’re usually asked to sing up-tempo party music that will get folks on their feet and dancing. Sometimes we’re booked for restaurants or afternoon tea party or a champagne reception and here, people want to listen to live music but also want to enjoy conversation; out Fabulously Vintage set is perfect for these occasions!

Whilst each event is different some of the questions we’re asked are the same; here are a few that crop up often.

Should I choose live music or a DJ?

With live music you get a much higher energy experience and better interaction between the audience. With a DJ you often get a wider choice of music although we are happy to plug your MP3 player into our PA when we’re not singing (or arrange a PA and Lights leave), so you could get the best of both worlds and the opportunity to make the night your own.

Can we request specific songs?

We’ll do our very best to sing your First Dance song for your wedding or a special song for your party as long as it’s within our vocal range. We do ask that we’re given at least 8 weeks notice to ensure we have enough time to learn and practice your song.

We also take requests from our repertoire but as we keep songs on a long rotation and our set lists are drawn up in advance, we would ask that you mention any requests when you book us or at least 8 weeks in advance.

How long do you sing for?

So many events are different but a typical evening party could include 2.5 hours of live music. For parties and particularly weddings, timings are flexible and you can dictate start and end times and if you’d like one or two sets.

Do you take breaks throughout the event?

This will depend on the event and the length of time we’re playing. Usually we would take a small break but the timing can be fitted around an evening buffet or natural breaks… we’re also happy to play one long single set.

What should I consider when deciding which band to hire?

Choose a band with a varied song list making sure there will be something for everyone. Even if you have very specific musical tastes, getting a single genre band could leave some of your guests feeling a little left out. If you want a wedding or party that everyone remembers you will need to include everybody.

Make sure the band is appropriate for your venue; will they fit, will they be too quiet/loud? Getting the sound right is hugely important… make sure your band has a PA that will cope with a large venue and equally a small venue.

  • How will space work at your venue?
  • Does the band have professional quality equipment, suitable for the venue?
  • Will the band PA cope with the venue size?
  • Where will the band play?
  • Is there space for dancing?
  • Where is the bar – if the bar and the band are in different rooms you run the risk of a split party?
  • What space is there for lighting?
  • Is there electricity?
  • If outside, is there a plan B in case of rain; electricity and water don’t mix so please make sure there is a place where we can play safely
  • If outside, is there shade?
  • Does your venue have any sound limitations?
  • How easy is access? Our stage equipment is heavy, so easy access is important.

Check that your band have all the required insurance and can provide references.

How far in advance should we book?

If you know you want to book us for your wedding, it’s best to book as soon as possible. Some people book us even before their venue – we’re happy to do this as long as we roughly know where the wedding will be held.

How far will you travel?

We’re happy to travel anywhere! The only caveat is that our travel costs are added to our fee.

If the drive is over two hours or if there is a very late finish or early start we may ask for simple overnight accommodation to be provided (or we include the cost in our quote).

What do we have to provide?

Our needs are simple…

  • We need enough space for 3 people, speakers, lights and PA mixing desk
  • We need at least one power socket
  • We need a safe environment to perform
  • We need shade if playing outside in the sun or cover if there is the chance of rain
  • We appreciate a soft drink or two before we sing and a simple meal is always welcome.
  • We’ll need parking for one or two vehicles

We’ll confirm all the details with you when you book but rest assured we are self-contained and we bring along all the equipment that we need to help ensure your party music goes without incident.

Will you sing outside?

Yes… but! We love working outside and what could be nicer in summer than a party outside under the stars? However, we may live in the sunny south west of France but we still get rain.

If you are planning for the Candies to be outside you must have a PLAN B in case of rain. We cannot sing if it’s raining… electricity and water sadly don’t mix and it’s simply not safe with our mics and PA.

Marquee hire can be an inexpensive and stress-free solution for you and your guests; we can provide details if this is an option you’d like to investigate.

Also please don’t underestimate the strength of the french sunshine. We (and our gear) can perhaps offer 15 minutes in full sun… so if you’d like a longer party we will need some shade.

What is the customary deposit?

We ask for a 30% deposit, payable at the time of booking. We ask for the balance 1 week prior to the event.